Follow Along Instructions

Setup instructions for following along during Code Camp

If you would like to follow along during the Code Camp presentation, you will need to have a clean copy of Linux on your machine. The disto I will be using for this presentation is Ubuntu. In theory you can follow along on a Mac using Homebrew instead of Apt, I do not recommend it. If you choose to do so, no support will be offered during the presentation for Mac. You can also follow along with a RHEL/Fedora flavor of Linux using DNF or Yum, you will also be on your own. We will be specifically discussing Ubuntu. I don’t even recommend derivatives of Ubuntu like Mint.


If you are windows, you will need to use a virtual machine to follow along. I recommend VMWare Player, which is a free (closed source) program for non-commercial use. Even though VirtualBox is also free and open source, I have had better results with VMWare, but if you use Virtual Box and prefer it, that will work fine too.


On a Mac, I highly recommend using a virtual machine with a fresh copy of Ubuntu as the client. If you choose to follow along on MacOS, note that I will not have time to answer question during the presentation, so if you get stuck you will be on your own. If you need a free (and open source) VM player, your only real choice is VirtualBox. However, if you have Parallels already or are thinking of buying it, you will probably have an easier time than with VirtualBox. VMWare Fusion is another paid option and works fine, but a Mac I prefer Parallels.


If your main OS is Ubuntu, you can follow along without using a virtual machine, if you choose. However, I still recommend using a VM for this course. I prefer VMWare Player. Even though it is closed source and VirtualBox is open, I’ve had much better results with VMWare and find it more stable. But if you prefer VirtualBox, by all means use it.

Whether you use a VM or not, it is very important to make sure that the operating system is up to date. Depending on the size of the update, it could take a long time to run the updates and we will not have time during the presentation to wait for updates to run. This is me minimum requirement.

One last thing, if you are using an Ubuntu VM, you will want to install the VMWare tools. Instructions on how to do it can be found at: